Looks using Aristo palette from Zoeva

Hey! How are we all doing around here? Enjoying the Spring yet? So, I finally decided to start this new segment where I'll be sharing four eye-shadow looks using only one eye-shadow palette at the time. And nothing better than starting off this journey with the Aristo palette from Zoeva. If you'd like to know my thoughts on this palette and see some nice swatches head over here.

I'm no makeup artist or expert, I purely enjoy makeup as a way to express my mood and/or look a little different every once in a while, so please don't go too harsh on me or the application method. I find this to be a great way to get inspiration on what to create using just one palette. I hope you enjoy it!

These are all very easy and wearable looks. I find that most tutorials or inspirations out there are just too bold and, no matter how much I like to watch them, the truth is I see almost no one wearing cut-creases and all of that out on the street. Let's face it, ain't nobody got time to spend two hours on each eye everyday, right? Though, if you'd like to see something more bold, do let me know! I'm all up for it too if it interests you.

Zoeva Aristo look inspiration

So to start off, I decided to create one simple orange look with just a touch of light and contrasting everything with a black liquid eyeliner. For this look I used the shade central figure all over the lid blending it all the way up to the crease and just applied the shade the goddess in the inner corner using my finger and blending it towards the middle with a blending brush. I also added just a teeny tiny touch of the shade in the ground in the outer corner just to create a very subtle shadow. To finish it all off, I then created a simple wing using the NYX Matte Liquid Eyeliner  in the shade MLL01 black.

Zoeva Aristo try on look

For the second look, I decided to mix reds with greens. First, I used the shade in the ground blending it in the crease and then applied the shade energetic all over the lid with my finger, blending it out with a blending brush. Then I added the shade pre-history right in the inner corner and darken up a bit the outer corner using more of the shade in the ground mixed with just a little bit of naturalistic to create a little bit more depth. I then mirrored the same very close to the bottom lash line.

Zoeva Aristo try on look

For the third look, I went a little over my comfort zone and decided to try a more earthy green look. Funny enough, I used to hate seeing myself wearing green eye-shadow, though now I find that it actually complements nicely the dark brown of my eyes and this actually turned out to be one of my favorite looks that I've created with this palette so far, so there you go. When in doubt, just try it out!

So here I used the shade central figure blended out in the crease, the shade pre-history all over the lid and, using a small brush, the shade naturalistic in the outer corner. I mirrored the same on the lower lash line to bring a bit more light and boldness to the look. I really love this combination! It definitely gives me Autumn/Forest vibes. I'm in love with this shimmer green and how differently it looks depending on the combination of shades that I use.

Zoeva Aristo look

For the fourth and final look I decided to get completely out of my comfort bubble and go for a blue eye look. I personally don't think it suits me at all that well, at least using the lighter blue tone, but hey here it is anyway.

For this look I used the shade ploutos on the crease and lower lash line. Then, all over the lid I used the shade blessing, blending it out to the crease. Then I applied the shade mother's house with my finger and, just to give it a little bit of light, I used the smallest amount of the goddess blended with the lightest blue in the inner corner.

I really love this dark blue shade and I'm committed to make it work for me - haha! I'm curious to pair it out with some purples, reds and even greens from other Zoeva palettes and create a few bold/darker looks. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see that!

Also, which of these four looks was your favorite and which would you try on yourself?