What have you studied? Do you have a degree?

I studied until the twelve grade at the Artistic School António Arroio, in Lisbon - Portugal, where I had the privilege of exploring a vast variety of disciplines within arts and specialize in photography. I ended my academic life there, at least for now, because I wanted to get more experience and start working right away. No regrets.

What has made you start this blog?

I believe it was a mix between the constant need to create something and share knowledge. Yeah, I think that was it.

What tips can you share about starting a blog?

Just dot it! You have nothing to lose. I believe that we all have something good to give and if there's a free space to do it, why not? No pressures. (If you really do start your own blog, don't forget to share it with me so that I can pay you a visit!)

Why did you move country?

The short answer is - For love! The long answer jumps between the need to keep a long relationship with the only person that makes me feel truly happy, make him happy as well, open my horizons and get out of all the pressure and oppression that I was feeling in my own country at the time. Again, no regrets! If you'd like to know more about this topic, I wrote a few words about it here.

Where do you see yourself in some years?

Whilst I can't imagine where I'll be in one or two years from now, I only know that I want to be a very cool old lady with long white hair in a messy bun, exposing my tattoos and piercings surrounded by a bunch of kids and David, of course. If you only knew how much it scares me to think about the future. But this idea makes me very happy!

Do you have any more questions? Leave them in the comments or contact me directly. I would also love to know more about yourself!