This page was exclusively created for the purpose of clarifying certain aspects, boring to the most of you, but nevertheless important and of need in the Internet world. 

All content here exposed is based on my genuine and truthful opinion. The fact that a product may be offered, purchased by me or result in any sort of compensation will not affect at all my opinion, since it is my intent to exclusively share with you what I consider to be good and that I would use myself.
All and any paid content will be clearly identified so that I maintain a full transparency relation with you, at all times. Furthermore, I will not accept any partnerships with companies whose ethics, values or products do not attend my ideals or personal tastes.

With the purpose to spare you to some ways of advertisement that go against my values, affiliate links or/and sponsor slots may be shared on this blog. I will only accept sponsorship from companies whose products integrate with my personal interests and that I consider to be relevant to share with you. Any affiliate link will be shared with the purpose of helping you search or purchase the product mentioned, and consequently may benefit me with a small monetary value, but will also help to keep this Website free from other advertisement sources.

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I still encourage you to share any articles or website pages on social media or other sorts, for as long as the due credits are kept reverting to the exclusive authorship of the content creator and I am informed accordingly.

If you have any doubts or concerns about any of the above, please feel free to contact me.

Phew... Adult stuff aside, let's go back to some more interesting things!