pregnancy update


Holly sh!t, time is flying! That's all I can think of lately. That and the fact that I still have quite a few things that I need to arrange for the delivery of this new baby.

A part from that, let the second hardest part of the pregnancy begin!

The other day, I started having a very strange sensation down in my abdomen. It felt almost as if I had a mobile phone vibrating on my pocket but slightly softer, like a cat purring. I've never had this sensation before, but after a quick research I learnt that it is just a nerve twitching and it is caused by the growth of the uterus. For a moment I swear I thought my baby was shivering or being electrocuted, crazy!

I'm pretty sure I had my first Braxton hick contractions on week 28. I was laying down in bed at night, the baby was moving quite a lot and strongly but I also felt a slight cramp/tightening feeling. I got really scared actually because they seemed pretty consistent, but as soon as I turned to the other side they stopped. Whew!

Lately, it's been hard to fall asleep mainly due to stuffed nose and heartburn, and as if this wasn't enough, I also wake up several times during the night in a puddle of ice-cold drool. Oh, and apparently I've been snoring quite a lot as well. I think I'm mutating into a huge and gross troll. Oh well!


I've been having Braxton Hicks pretty consistently since week 32. Even though it isn't the most pleasant feeling, it doesn't hurt either and just feels like a very tight feeling all over my belly. It comes and goes out of the blue but mainly when I'm sited and after meals.

Every once in a while, my breasts also start leaking a lot. I don't recall ever having this during my first pregnancy, but apparently it is quite normal for women who breastfed before and it seems to be a good sign since I plan on breastfeeding again this time around.

My belly button is officially out! There's also a very faint shadow where the linea negra should appear, but doesn't seem to want to grow any darker. In fact, a part from a very thin line on my lower abdomen, everywhere else it seems to have faded away after week 34. On the other hand, I've been growing freckles (what?) particularly a constellation of them on the right side of my face and nose, which are typically the places where I get more sun light. Will this be just an hormonal phase, or are they here to stay? Who knows.

I always bruised fairly easily, however now I've noticed that it is taking far longer to heal each bruise. That combined with a lot more clumsiness on my side makes me look like I got into a new fight every week. Also, one of my varicose veins is getting way more prominent, it runs in the family so I'm not sure if the pregnancy itself has anything to do with it, but I'm pretty sure it is aggravating it. A side from that, I also have tingling feeling on my hands and legs quite easily if I'm sited with legs crossed or supporting my weight on my hands. At least I'm not swelling up like an elephant this time around!


We finally reached the last countdown and I couldn't feel more ready to deliver this baby. My lower back is definitely feeling the extra weight now and every once in a while sends me signals to remind me to take it easy. Aside from the annoying lower back pain I feel great and not as pregnant as I felt around the same time in my previous pregnancy, if this makes any sense.

Riding my bike is still a lot easier and more convenient than walking, though I've recently started walking short distances to see if it eases the birth process. Let the gravity do the work, you know?

Even though I didn't use any creams, I don't think I've gained any new stretch marks this time around, but the ones I already had from my first pregnancy are obviously more visible now that my skin is all stretched out. I have also had an increase in discharge these last few days, mainly when I go to the toilet. Apparently it is a good indication that my body is preparing for the delivery.

The baby is healthy and kicking strongly everyday, which sometimes hurts quite a bit, if I'm honest. I feel like parts of my belly are completely bruised from the inside out, and my ribs - ouch! But hey, we're almost there!

In terms of body changes, I managed to gain a total of 15 kilos since the beginning of the pregnancy. The midwives are happy with the progress and told me that this should be an average size baby and there's nothing to be concerned about.

On week 40 + 5 days I had an appointment at the hospital, which was a first timer for me, in order to check on the baby's heart beat and see if the amniotic fluid level's were good to wait up to the 42 weeks. The idea was to have a membrane sweep two days later and talk about a different birth plan in case an induction would end up being needed. The appointment went fine. Everything was looking good and it was actually nice to see my contractions on the charts to ensure myself that I wasn't just imagining them for the last few days. Here's a picture of my hairy belly to celebrate the experience. This was the last picture I took right before the delivery.

Luckily, this baby decided to leave the cocoon the very next day so I was able to have the natural birth at home that I had planned and, let me tell you, it could not have been more special. Stay tuned for the birth story! It will come as soon as this little baby allows me to spend more than two minutes  with the computer. Until then, you can check my first birth story here!

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey and for sharing this amazing experience with me once again.


  1. Hi Ines, I haven't logged in to my Bloglovin' in a hot minute so I wasn't able to keep up with your blog. It's crazy how time flies – I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations on this happy development! :)

    1. Hi Ela! Indeed long time no see. It’s so good to have you back!
      Thanks a lot! I hope you’re doing well. Welcome back! :)