Butt Naked Underneath It All

I was on a hunt for both a new blush and a more colorful eye-shadow palette when I came across the Butt "Naked" Underneath It All by NYX Professional Makeup. At first what most caught my attention was definitely the eye-shadow shades with muted earthy tones - I'm a sucker for these type of shades! However, it actually took me a while to decide whether or not I should get it because it seemed a little too good to be true and it initially gave me a bit of children's makeup kind of vibes, plus the name doesn't help at all in that, let's just say that. But after a quick research I decided to try it out anyways. In the end I never had any complaints about any of the NYX products I'd tried before, so why not give it a fair shot, right?

I've actually had this palette for a few months now, but because it has so many different products I wanted to try most of it out before sharing my thoughts with you, I mean, sometimes swatches aren't enough to actually see how things perform.

NYX eyeshadow palette

So this palette comes with a total of fourteen eye-shadows with different finishes, and one - the sparkly orange shade (first row, second from the left) pressed pigment. It also includes a variety of four blushes and three highlights.

As for the quality, while I can't say that these are the best in the world, I got to say that are actually a good value for money, especially if you're a beginner who wants to adventure a bit more or start a collection without having to sell a kidney.

NYX eyeshadow palette

Most of the eye-shadows aren't buttery when you swatch them nor are extremely pigmented, but I personally don't find that to be necessarily a bad thing. They all work and blend well, just some shades require a little more work or different technique, such as applying it with your finger and lightly blending out with a brush in order to achieve a bolder effect.

NYX eyeshadow swacthes

I had particularly a hard time with the brownish shade on the top right corner of the palette because it sealed on the pan, which makes it very hard to transfer to the lid. Even though I found it to work best using the finger technique, the work it requires simply isn't worth so I end up never really using that one. Other than that, I feel like these shadows are great for someone who likes to build up coverage slowly or are too afraid to jump heads down on highly pigmented eye-shadows. In regards to durability, this will vary a lot from type of skin and if you use a primer or not. I never use an eye-shadow primer and even though they rub off fairly easy when swatched on the arms, I feel like they stay put for a good amount of time on the lids. Now, my eyelids aren't oily nor dry, so I'm not sure how these will work on either skin types without the use of a good primer.

NYX blush and highlighter palette
NYX blush swatches

The blushes are very versatile and range from the matte hot pink to a nude passing by a more flushed color and a shimmer coral. I don't feel like they last very long throughout the day though, again, I never use fixating sprays and I do tend to rub my face throughout the day quite a lot so this actually happens to me with most blushes anyways. They're all very easy to blend and the pans are actually of a great size to use.

NYX highlighter swatches

There's also three highlighters in champagne, gold and rose gold shades. The first two are more of a satin finish whereas the rose gold is more of a glittery one. I find the champagne shade to be a bit more obvious and reflective, whereas the golden one is more on the less evident side of the spectrum, but they all look great and I find that with these three shades you can complement any look.

Butt naked underneath it all

Overall I find this to be a great palette for the money and I do not regret purchasing it what so ever. I love the fact that it is compact for the amount of products it provides. Perhaps not the best to travel with for a short stay, but definitely nice to have if you're going for a long period stay since you can create so many looks out of it and it comes with a great sized mirror that stays vertical without having to hold it. Having this palette, a mascara and some base products are enough to achieve many looks from the natural everyday nude to the bold night party style. I give it a three and a half out of five.

NYX palette

Have you ever tried this palette? What do you think of it? Also, let me know if you'd like to see some looks using this shades and I'll make sure to create a few different ones so you can see for yourselves how it looks on. 

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