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Ever since I started working at The Body Shop, back in 2006 (wow, long time ago!) I fell in love with their peeling mask from the Vitamin C collection. It was the first time that I had ever tried a peeling mask before and even though it wasn't necessarily for my skin type at the time, I just completely fell in love with it. 

Unfortunately, they discontinued that product and since then I haven't been able to find something just as good. Please bring it back!

When I heard that The Body Shop was coming out with this new liquid peeling my hopes got high. 
I must say that I got a little bit disappointed with it. It's not like I don't like it, it just has a downside that personally I find a bit annoying and time-consuming.

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Drops of Youth Liquid Peeling

OK so let's start from the beginning. This is a liquid-gel type of formula. According to the instructions, you should take two pumps in your hands and massage it all over your face. After a couple of seconds, you'll notice a bunch of "crumbles" forming and that's when you should wash it off and moisturize. 

With only one use, it immediately left my skin smooth and feeling freshly cleaned, which I appreciate. In just about two weeks of using it, two times per week, I also noticed that my skin is looking brighter and healthier. 

Overall I like this product, the fresh and natural scent it has and the fact that it comes with a pump. It does give you the impression that the dead skin cells are being effectively removed, which is great to stimulate their healthy growth.

However, if you like me have tiny little hairs all over your face, you'll have the same struggle as I do removing the product after use. All the "crumbles" that I mentioned will get stuck to these tiny hairs like superglue and it's very hard to remove. In order to do it in the least aggressive way, I use warm water and a face cleanser afterward. But sometimes, I still have to remove the stubborn "crumbles" by hand, which I find very impractical on the day-to-day basis. So just be aware of that.

Like I said, I do like it but I honestly don't think that I will be re-purchasing it in the future. At least not until they come up with a different formulation that doesn't get stuck to my tiny facial hairs. I find that, for the same price range, there are many other products available that do the same without this fuss. 

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Drops of Youth Cream

I will be 28 this year and, even though I do not mind wrinkles at all and I do love mine, I thought that it was time for me to "grow up" and finally get some products for skin that is showing the first signs of aging. I am honestly not expecting these products to do any miracles because, like I said, I do embrace the aging effects. However, my skin has changed a lot over the past year and I feel like it requires a different attention now.

When I was at the store I tried this cream on the back of my hand and, at first, it almost felt like it was too greasy for my combination skin type, so I put it back on the shelf and got the old-school-never-fails Vitamin E cream instead. But then, as I was walking to the cashier I noticed that the back of my hand was very smooth, matte but healthy looking at the same time and so I went back and decided to give this one a shot. I do not regret it!

It has almost like a gel consistency that dissolves very easily on the skin. It feels like I am giving a glass of water full of amazing properties to my skin. Not only the formula is light weighted but the scent also helps to bring a fresh feeling when I am applying it, which I find lovely especially now for Spring and Summer. I have been using this both in the morning and at night and I do notice that my skin is feeling healthier, smoother and balanced. 

I tried using this below a BB cream and I noticed that it applied a bit too patchy. I still have yet to try different types of foundations, but this isn't a big of an issue for me since I do not wear makeup most days.

It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all, which I was scared of at first. I actually notice that my skin is producing way less oil to compensate for the lack of hydration that it had when I was using different products. So overall I am super-duper happy with this cream.  

youth cream

Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge

Now this sponge is also one of my holy grails of all times. I just got a new one, after using my previous one for far too long and I can't say enough good things about it. 

It isn't a super smooth sponge, so I actually like to use it as kind of an exfoliator for the daily basis, instead of using a physical exfoliator. 

At night, I use the Lancôme Gel Éclat that I spoke more of over here and then I remove it with warm water and the facial cleansing sponge

I love the shape of it because I can use the edges to clean under the eyes and the sides of my nose properly. It helps to remove the product very easily and kindly exfoliates the skin, helping the blood circulation and the healthy skin cells growth. 

I never hear anyone talking about it (don't know why) but I thought you might like to know that it is out there and perhaps give it a try.

youth cream

Speaking of packaging. I am a sucker for packaging (who isn't?) and I truly love that The Body Shop is finally pumping up their game in that regards. I know that it can be difficult to create inexpensive packaging that is environmentally friendly and yet appealing and fancy-looking, so I appreciate that they finally did it. 

And you? Have you ever tried any of these products? Which is your favorite skincare line from The Body Shop? Let me know down bellow in the comments.

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