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Eva turned one last week. Whoosh, time flew by! 

I find the conception of time a funny thing. All my life I heard older people complaining about how fast the time passes for them and I was always scared to become like that one day. It's true that when you're a kid the concept of time is completely different, but all and all I feel like I appreciated very well these past years being a grown up. The only difference now is that I have a visible "time machine" in front of my eyes, called Eva.
Sometimes I wonder around my hard-drive and watch some videos from when she was only a couple of days old. Huge difference, of course. But for example this past week I was watching a video from when we went traveling in Belgium and it's amazing the huge difference that only a couple of months have made. The noises she used to make are now articulated words with the cutest intonation ever and what was before quiet is now all over the place walking and standing up alone. Nuts! I can't wait for the next years to come. I've been loving this thing of being a mom.
Well, anyway, so I was wondering what to get for her first-year celebration. One of the most important - She survived the first year in our hands. Who-ho!! Can you tell how proud I am for that? haha! So I searched online for new toys, something that would be more advanced for her, but nothing really caught my eye. That was until I remembered - "Of course! The book!". Eva is a book lover. That was it! The perfect gift for her to bring along throughout her life.
I found this artist some years ago through Instagram, and I truly fell in love with her work. You all know that I am a sucker for animals, there's just something stronger than myself that I can't quite explain. Maja's work is categorized by the funny humor, strong contrasts, and animals.
Maja Säfström became one of my favorite illustrators, like love at first sight, and so I couldn't leave her unnoticed here. Like Massive Attack in terms of music, to me there isn't one single piece of work that Maja does that seems even the tiniest "off". You know when you relate so much with something? I feel that way with her work and way of working too. I love the fact that the illustrations are simple black and white for the most part but even when they have a splash of color it's still the most beautiful composition. The humor behind the illustrations is amazing and the personal touch in her orders just melts my heart. The hardest part is always to choose which of the prints I order first. I would love to have them all, but for now, I will share with you some of my first acquisitions.

Majasbok package

Majasbok otters illustration

Majasbok stickers

Majasbok otters print

Majasbok book

Majasbok book

Majasbok signed book

Majasbok signed book

Majasbok book

Majasbok animals book

Majasbok stickers

Majasbok cat mom print

THE CAT MOM - MINI PRINT I fell in love with this one when I was pregnant with Eva and it is still one of my favorites.

Majasbok prints

HUG ME - MINI PRINT I like to think of it as when I have my leg hairs all spiky and scratch David with them. haha! Too much information perhaps, but I don't care, that's true love.

FAMILY FART - MINI PRINT Do I even need to tell you why I love this one? Best family picture ever!

Majasbok cactus print

Majasbok i'm special print

I'M SPECIAL - MINIPRINT This was one of David's favorite, so we signed it together and offered him on Eva's birthday for being such a great dad and so special to the both of us.

Majasbok friend in a sweater card

GREETING CARD - FRIEND IN A SWEATER I got this just for myself and is now hanging on the wall behind my desk.

Majasbok bird cloud print

THE BIRD CLOUD Is hanged on top of my bedside because I love it so much.

Majasbook two bunnies print

TWO LITTLE BUNNIES - MINI PRINT Can you see the resemblances with Einstein and Yoko? haha!

There is also the first physical shop opening on December 1st, so make sure you pay a visit if you find yourself in Stockholm and like Maja's work. I now have even a stronger reason to visit this lovely city!
Thank you Maja for all the love and care you put into your work. Keep it up! I'm very happy for you and can't wait to order from your shop again.
Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed getting to know Maja's work as much as I did.
See you soon!

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