The time of the year has come when we can transform ourselves into guilt-free couch potatoes surrounded by snacks and enjoy some nice series under the blanket. All of this whilst taking a glimpse of the storm outside every once in a while, of course.

And just in case you're feeling lost wondering what to watch, don't worry 'cause I've got you covered. Here's a list of series worth binge-watching on Netflix this season.

Over the Garden Wall

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite animated series of all times. If you know me, you also know that I'm a sucker for old-school animation and illustration styles as much as I am for some spooky stuff. This is the greatest combination of both worlds. I've heard there's (finally!) a second season coming, which makes now the perfect time to catch up on this amazing series.

Blown Away

Glass blowing was always a form of art that truly fascinated me and even though this series focus more on the artistic side of it, I still feel like I've learned a thing or two, which made me look at this art form from a totally different perspective. In each episode the artists are given a theme in which they have to rely on in order to make a new piece that will be judged by the end of the episode. The typical competition, a bit repetitive in the beginning of each episode, if you ask me, but something you can always skip forward with a press of a button, in case you want to get straight to the good stuff.

Tuca and Bertie

Holly sh!t, this is such a cool animated series! If you're born in late 80's I'm pretty sure you've watched cartoons with animation style similar to this, even though the story line here is not particularly kids friendly. This is one of the most original series that have come out lately. It just combines the best humor with the nicest animation style. Definitely recommend! Oh and the building with jumping boobies in the intro is just top notch! Now allow me while I go to the corner and cry a little because this show got canceled.


This may sound a bit creepy, but something I was always fascinated by was the human mind, especially when it comes to serial killers. Some of the crimes are so incredibly disturbing that it makes me wonder what goes inside and beyond the killer's mind. Based on true events, in this series we follow three murder investigators who study in an non-orthodox way the minds of serial killers in hopes to prevent future similar murders.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru

If you're a fan of stop motion and Japanese animation style, you're going to enjoy this one a lot. The episodes are super short and the story has a following throughout the season, which makes me think of it as a short story divided in chapters. It's lovely and really makes you think about your life, especially if your in your late twenties, early thirties.


At first, what attracted me the most in this series was the color scheme and the design of the characters which somehow remind me a lot of some old comic strips. Also, the story-line is very catchy and just a tiny bit spooky touching the subject of adventure and mythical creatures. Even though this is not particularly targeted to children, we still got to enjoy most of the episodes with our three-year old who found it just as facinating as we did.

Love Death Robots

This series is composed of different short animation films, so you can jump back and forth between the ones that seem more appealing to you if you so wish to do it. Not all of the episodes were my cup of tea, but I still think each and every one deserves a watching, especially if you enjoy animation. My personal favorite is episode number three "The Witness", what's yours?

Money Heist

It actually took me a while to start watching this series. However, after starting it I didn't want to stop until it was finished. It is very intelligent and original, plus the suspense will keep you going wondering what will happen in the next episode. Definitely worth watching.

Locked Up

I've recently completed watching this series and Oh boy. The episodes are quite long, which can make it hard to binge-watch in just a few days, however, by the end of each episode, you'll still feel the need to watch more and more. I started watching this simply because of one of the actresses (yes, the one from Money Heist) and quickly got hooked to it because of a different character. Actress Najwa Nimri aka Zulema just blows my mind. This character is definitely indispensable for the story and they couldn't have found a better fit. This is not your typical "women in jail" type of series. Definitely recommend!

If this list isn't enough, you can also check my latest favorite series here and my top ten tv series of all times here.

I hope you've found something new to watch and that you enjoy a nice cozy season. Let me know your recommendations too!

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