Following my previous post where I shared with you my top ten tv series of all time, today I'm bringing you some more recommendations based on my latest couch potato sessions. The list is in no particular order and it is still quite extensive, so let's get cracking!


While the first episodes of this German show may resemble Stranger Things, the concept turns out to be quite different. If you're into obscure drama, and mystery with a touch of supernatural elements this is for you. Just start watching it without searching any further. If by the end of the first episode you're eager to continue watching, expect that to last until the end of the season. It is those type of series that you can't stop watching until it ends. Definitely my type.

The Handmaid's Tale

As a consequence of a civil war, the implementation of a strict and traditional regimen brings along new laws where women are no longer allowed to own property, have a job, read, etc. All fertile women are captured to become surrogates with the sole purpose to conceive for wealthy families. From slavery, drama to torture, this series has it all. The photography aspects of it are simply beautiful and the main character (already known from Mad Men) is once again very impressive. Definitely, one of the most f*cked up tv series I've ever watched, especially as a mom, but totally worth it. Though if you're not into drama, you might wanna go ahead and just skip this one.

Bomb Girls

Follows the story of the women who worked building bombs in the munition factories during the second world war. Beautifully made, it opens a small window for the lives and historical facts of the time.

Black Mirror

My advice? Skip the first episode - it is simply nonsense. However, it does tend to get better. Each episode tells a different story, all connected by the same theme - an extreme technological future. I find it to be a little bit inconsistent in the sense that some episodes are way better than others. However, each and every episode leaves you with something to think about.


In a nutshell - the beginning of adulthood. Here we follow the story of a young group of friends trying to figure life out, though never in the best way. From the narcissist, the dreamer, the naive to the mentally unstable, each character has a completely different personality, which brings a great dynamic to the story, with as much drama as comedy. This is probably the rawest tv show I've seen in a while, which comes as a breath of fresh air and makes it so relatable.


I was never a fan of western type movies/shows. Every time there are horses and cowboys involved, my head immediately turns the other way, so I was quite skeptical when I first started watching this. But after the first episode, it kind of sucked me in. It portraits an alternative world, sort of like a playground, where people can travel back in time and have all the fun in the most realistic way suffering no consequences whatsoever. Just give it a try!


I feel like liking The Sopranos is halfway to enjoying Lilyhammer as well. It follows the story of a former mobster who moves to Norway under the witness protection program after testifying against his previous associates. Confronted by the reality of a typical life in a foreign country, it doesn't take long until his previous criminal lifestyle is implemented once again bringing chaos to the quiet city of Lillehammer.

The End of the F***ing World

In hopes to kill his first human being and run away from an unhappy reality, a teenage boy accepts the invitation of the moody new girl at school to go on a road trip in search of her biological father. The impulsive manners of these two rebellious teenagers lead to serious consequences and important discoveries along the way. Probably the most hipster tv show that has come out lately, but have to say, executed in an original way.

Tales by Light

A series of three documentaries following three different photographers. It may seem like a normal National Geographic type of doc (and the first one kind of is), but believe me, you'll learn a lot from it. In each episode, you'll have a glimpse of the process and experience from the photographers behind the images that we are so used to see in National Geographic magazines and documentaries. These are definitely three hours worth spent if you're into documental photography, nature or anthropology.


A mystery type of series with a touch of drama. Here we follow the search of a father whose daughter disappeared at the same time as her boyfriend, after a night out. The more he follows the leads, the more nasty secrets he finds out. Because this all happens in a secured area, filled with CCTV and such, the investigation turns out to be very fast paced, which helps in watching the complete season in a matter of hours. Nice to have it in the background while making something else.

Any recommendations from you guys?


  1. loved this list, because from what i've seen i agree with you. i felt like i was reading myself ahaha specially about westworld. i was really skeptical too but immediately was hooked!
    and girls... so raw, and it kinda destroyed me! it still "haunts" me in a way. i felt so close to it.

    love black mirror, handmaids tale too.

    i got curious with safe, aaaand i am yet to see dark!

    1. Firstly, I'm so so sorry for the late response and thank you so much for your comment!
      Please do watch Dark, you'll love it, I'm pretty sure!
      What do you think about the second season of Westword? I didn't like it as much as the first season because it is so full of filler episodes. Episodes of almost an hour could have lasted just a few minutes. Anyway, perhaps it was because I had to wait a week between each episode this time ;)

  2. Optimo post, estava mesmo a precisar de umas séries haha :D