The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

After spending a good year or so with short length hair, I decided to give it a go and let my hair grow wild and long again. Ever since I was a kid, I used to have very long and curly hair and, even though, it drives me crazy during summer time, I've got to admit that I kind of miss the beautiful mess that it is in its natural state.

My hair has grown very thin these last few years, and I wanted to do my best in growing a healthy looking mane this time around. Something that takes a huge part in that is having a healthy and balanced diet (check!) and the other is to supplement it with actually good products.

I've heard a lot about the benefits of using argan oil for both hair and skin these past year so I decided to give it a try. Though, I didn't want to go back to buying products just for the scents "infused with blablabla" and later find out that the percentage of the product I wanted is ridiculously small, hence searching for the purest form of argan oil.

The Best Use of Argan Oil on Your Hair

After a bit of research I decided to try out The Ordinary. 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil. The idea of being a cold-press sounds great because this method helps preserving all the goodness of the oil, and that's exactly what I want if I'm going to take an extra step with my hair care routine!

The best ways to use argan oil on your hair

Now, forget about the beautiful scent you may know from other products infused with Moroccan Oil. This oil smells very earthy-like, I'd say almost leader-like, though after your hair is dry the scent completely dissipates, which I honestly appreciate.

It actually took me a few trial and errors before figuring out the best application methods for my hair type and length. But with that I also found different ways of applying this oil depending on the results I'm trying to achieve, and that is exactly what I'm going to share with you today.

How to use argan oil on your hair

The Best Application Methods of Argan Oil to your hair



I really love this method because it brings out the healthy shine and deep conditions my hair. I take one full dosage (one full pipette) and warm it between my hands, spreading it all over my dry hair with the help of a Tangle Teezer and then leave it in a bun throughout the night, washing my hair the following morning as per usual. The cool thing about this oil is that it also has amazing benefits for the skin, so I don't mind if it transfers to the pillow where my face rolls during the night. I usually wash my hair about two times per week, so I tend to do this mask before every other wash and when I do, I skip the oil after the shower because I don't feel like my hair needs it.

Defined Curls

My hair is naturally curled so if I brush it when it's dry or use a hair drier it tends to go into full 90's vibes which, trust me, that's something no one wants to see. So one way I like to use the oil to define my curls is to spread about four to five drops from the middle of my hair down and leave it to air dry. It takes a little longer for my hair to dry but this way it gets super defined and healthy looking curls. Now, my hair is about chest length at this moment, so if you have longer or shorter hair you may need to adjust the amount of oil you use accordingly. 


Another way I normally use this oil is by warming up the tiniest amount, and I mean like one or two drops, between my hands and run it just on the ends of my hair after styling it with the heating iron. I feel like this helps defining a bit more each section of hair whilst maintaining the ends healthy looking and preventing slip ends. Sometimes, I also just pass my hands with any leftover oil right on the top in order to control any freeze and crazy baby hairs.

Leave-on Conditioner

The trick here is to use the right amount of product combining it with an hair drier. For my hair length four drops are more than enough to leave it shiny but not greasy looking. With damp hair and head facing down, I spread the oil very well from the middle of my hair to the ends using a Tangle Teezer to help distribute it all over and brush of my hair before the blow-dry. Sometimes, I will leave it just like this, since the oil helps tame my hair, others I'll style it afterwards. Just be careful not to use too much heating as it can damage your hair.

how to use moroccan oil on your hair

I hope you found some nice tips here. I'm curious to try Moroccan Argan Oil on the skin. If you've tried it already, let me know what you think and how do you use it!

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