I can't say exactly how long I have had this sweater for - that's how long it has been. It is notoriously a well-lived sweater and even though it deserved to be having a lovely retirement somewhere in the Bahamas, I decided to make it last just a little bit longer.

It seems like I have some sort of a love relationship with this sweater for no reason in particular other than me liking its color and texture (or at least what is left of it). Still, when I made a tiny hole right in the middle of it, I couldn't stop myself from being upset. That, for me, was the starting point that led me to brainstorm ways to cover up the hole. From there, it quickly escalated into this beautiful mess, and I can't say that I am completely hating it.

sweater diy

embroidery diy

This was actually so easy to make that I don't even feel the need to make it into a tutorial. Maybe, the purpose of this post is just to encourage you to give your clothes a second opportunity or simply change things up a bit. Dunno, but here it goes anyway!

The first thing I thought of doing was just a couple of colorful stars since it was just a tiny hole. But being the Inês that I am, of course, I had to include a bunny.

bunny embroidery

With the design in mind, I chose the color palette and just gathered a pair of scissors, a needle, some stranded embroidery thread, and wooden hoop to help keep the fabric spread (which I ended up using only at the beginning). It may help you to actually draw your idea on the fabric before starting the embroidery, but because this fabric is so loose I decided to just start embroidering right away (also, I'm very lazy as I'm sure you all know by now).

I started by placing the embroidery hoop where I wanted the bunny to be and just winged the design of the bunny. After completing the bunny, I just intuitively distributed some stars. Fast-forward a couple of minutes and here we have it. A (kind of) renewed sweater. You be the judge of how it turned out.

embroidery diy

sweater diy

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