The more I explored the world of beauty, the easier it became for me to understand the industry that it can be. And even though that may sound discouraging at times - and it is, especially for someone who likes to talk about the subject every once in a while - it also taught me a few lessons on the way that I thought might be cool to share here with you. Let's get cracking!

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The most hipped products/brands aren't necessarily the best

This ties in with the price tag not reflecting at all the quality of a product or the ethical way it has been produced. We have all seen how much better some affordable drugstore or independent brand's products can perform when compared to super high-end ultra expensive stuff out there. Having this said, I don't mean to boycott high-end brands, we all have our luxuries. But, in my opinion, it just doesn't make any sense to spend hundreds on brand's logo in a cute packaging if the product inside doesn't perform up to great standards.

Not everything works the same for everyone

I'm sure we all have been there or seen someone going through this. It's normal that we want to try something that someone we relate to (or everyone else for that matter) has glamorized over. Just be aware that you may not like it at all on you. Be conscious of it and instead of instantly ordering things online, just make a search first and whenever possible go to the actual store and try it out for yourself. Try to put everyone else's opinion behind your back for a while and keep a nonbias mind when you try something, to see if it actually does what you're looking for. Nobody likes to waste money on things just to clog the drawers, right?

All brands suffer from the same

Inconsistency. We all know that multifunctionality doesn't necessarily translate into same quality over all factors. It is only normal that when a brand is trying to make it all instead of focusing on developing the best of each product at a time, something will not go as great. It seems like even clothing shops sell makeup these days. Anyway. What I mean is, just because a brand got well-known for having the best X doesn't mean that Y,W or Z produced by the same brand are equally as good. It's important to explore between brands and find what's actually worth our pennies.

There are a lot of hidden gems waiting to be found

If you consume a lot of beauty blogs/youtube channels, you may have noticed that the majority of the people you follow keep bringing up the exact same products at the exact same time. That's no coincidence and no, it doesn't mean that those are actually their favorite things of the moment. It simply means that the brands launched the new products and distributed them throughout the "online influencers" with the sole purpose of having them advertise their products and consequently raise sales. So, it doesn't really matter when someone says "I'm not being sponsored and the brand didn't ask or paid me to talk about this", of course, that if you live your life as an online influencer you're going to talk about the products you receive. What else would you be talking about? But back to the point. With all of these new products launches we may forget about the other products that no one seems to be talking about and that may actually be better for yourself. 

Break the rules

Taking into consideration that each person has a different face shape, eye shape, different tones, and undertones, different hair, not to mention different styles, it only makes sense that we should all be doing what works best for each of us, independently of the latest makeup/beauty trend. It's great to try everything once. But it's even better to take a step back and understand what works best for ourselves, instead of following trends and simply contribute to a beauty standard that makes us all look the same.

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