Two days ago, as I was dying in the shower (maybe too much of a dramatic start, but that's accurate to how it felt at the time) I had all of these thoughts coming to my mind. Mainly about how much of the taboo subjects are related to the most natural things, especially things that happen to our bodies and we have no control over.

Can you guess what I'm going to be talking about today? Yes, periods - the big monstrous P word. That amazing phenomenon that happens in a woman's body every month since childhood and that makes us feel a rollercoaster of emotions and weird-ass symptoms and aches.

Granted some women are lucky enough to not know the pains and ache the period brings along (Oh, I'm so jealous!), but being someone that suffers every single month since the age of eleven, I thought it was about time that I open up about it here. Hopefully, it will help someone in need to understand how it is to be in a woman' shoes, and why sometimes women can become a monster of seven heads without even realizing it at the time.

So, how does it feel to have your period? The short answer is - fucking awful!

  • It feels as if you're losing liters and liters of blood together with pieces of jellyfish, especially in the first two to three days. And when you sneeze? In your head, all you can see is that scene from the movie "The Shining". Are you still with me here? Good. The worst part is over.

  • You're always concerned that you'll get stains everywhere you sit, on your clothes... And guess what? You will, far more than you should. Just pure joy, let me tell you! It can make you feel so anxious sometimes that you'll most likely change your plans for the following days. Not to mention wearing white clothing.

  • It always comes when you less want it to come. Like when you're about to enter the plain, in the middle of that important meeting, on the party of the year, on a wedding, or when you're just trying to conceive a baby. On the other hand, when you really want it to come it won't, like the spoiled little nag that it is.

  • It reminds you how it is to be in early labor, once again. You know those uterine contractions you feel that make your whole belly and lower back hurt like crazy? (translation to men: You know the worst stomach pain you ever had that almost made you faint?) That's exactly how you feel.

  • Even though, in general, men find you more attractive during this time (because of the hormones you're releasing and your naturally blushed lips and cheeks), the only thing you see in the mirror is your skin breaking out like the surface of the sun and your dark under eyes from insomnia you had on the previous night.

  • Your boobs are so sensitive that even the air hurts. Your vagina hurts. Your head hurts and you feel like you're about to throw up every now and again. Everything hurts! You don't want anyone to touch you but at the same time, you're so alone that a huge hug seems like it's all you need. You hate everything and everyone. 

  • You have more cravings than a pregnant woman and let's face it, never for healthy food.

  • You faint, or nearly faint. You feel weak and depressed. Life suddenly has no meaning and everything is going wrong. It is just one of those days. 

  • Your mood is so shitty that not even you can stand it. All the little noises and smells seem to have intensified a thousand times. You cry. You snap with everyone for no apparent reason.

  • Chocolate, a blanket, tv series, and a couch seems like the solution to all your problems. Better yet, hibernation until it's over! But you are expected to get through the day like a champ. No one understands what you're going through.  

This is just a resume of how/what many women feel during "that time of the month", with no exaggeration. So much fun, isn't it? Luckily, some months are worse than others, and we "only" feel this for a couple of days per month (during the first day of the period and the PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome).

And now you ask - But why won't you take medicine to help? Because, my friends, on top of everything, once your body gets used to the medication there's no horse dosage that can ease out the pain, not to mention all the other crazy stuff happening to your body caused by hormones.

Did you know, that if men were to feel this same pain they would simply pass out? A self-defense mechanism like "play dead". And you may think, "oh, but women are prepared for that". Yeah, sure. But it still freaking hurts like hell!!!

So next time you see a woman in bad mood, or you think she's exaggerating or just being a bitch about something. Think twice and maybe, just maybe for one day, ask how you can help. Sometimes that's all we need. To know that someone cares.

If you're a man and you're still here, cheers to you! I'm proud of you for caring.

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