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It has been over a year since my very first post on this blog. I remember the specific day, kindly. Me with a huge belly, almost bursting Eva out, moving back and forth from the kitchen to the living room photographing the bagel that I was preparing for our Sunday breakfast, and David, hungry sitting on the couch, looking at me and asking when he would be able to eat the bagel. haha! Blogger's boyfriend life.
As a gesture of celebration, I am giving away a small kit that I created from Brainy Days, especially for one of you.
I found Brainy Days via their Instagram account some months ago, and I totally fell in love with all of their things.
I can't wait to visit the store in person and spend some enjoyable minutes there. It's the kind of store that I love, love, love! It has the most gorgeous things, from home decor, stationery, accessories, and other stuff that I will leave you to discover, in the cutest and cleanest designs. They even have pre-made boxes with different kinds of stuff inside for you to offer or just get for yourself! So lovely!
Brainy Days is a Dutch store based in Amsterdam and their website is in Dutch, but they ship internationally (hu-hu!) and with the help of Google Translate, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it if you don't understand the language!
So I ordered a couple of things for myself and some gifts for one of you, and I decided to show you what I got.
Let's start with these copper clippers and these led lights that I find adorable and already used in one of the DIY here on the blog.

Brainy Days coper clips and lights

I was going to do a DIY with this purpose, and despite still planning on doing it, I couldn't resist getting this small marble plate to put my rings. Up until now they were all just stuck inside a glass cup, and now the ones that I wear the most are better displayed and far more easy to reach.

brainy days marbled plate

I have had so many of these but, like bags, backpacks, and purses, I feel like I need a change from time to time, and I totally fell in love with this one so I couldn't resist it.

Brainy days cactus purse

Brainy days cactus

I also got this planner/agenda for 2017. I adore the simple and sophisticated design, plus it has the perfect size to hang in my bag without loosing the space I need to write on. I don't know about you, but every year I struggle with finding the perfect planner. This year it was love at first sight!

brainy days planner

brainy days planner



navucko planner

navucko planner

Because I like to doodle a lot when I am outside, waiting for someone, or just simply brainstorm stuff for the blog, I also find the need to have a small notebook with me at all times. So I got these two, which I find adorable.




OK, so it's not all for myself. I got some of these cuties for one of you as well.

Brainy days giveaway

Brainy days coper clips

Brainy days stationary

Brainy days stationery

I wish that I could give you all a little something-something to celebrate the first year of this journey, but for now, this is what I got to offer. (plus my posts and the new design of the website!) *wink*
If you would like to receive this 2017 planner, two notebooks, three copper clippers and a special postcard made by myself especially for you, all you have to do is:

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  • And fill up the form below.

Please do not forget to follow all these steps to enter the giveaway.
The data collected via this form will only be used to get in touch with the winner and not for any commercial purposes. All data will be deleted after the closure of this contest, once the winner is chosen.
The contest will close at 00:00 [CET] Monday, December 5th, and the winner will be announced on my Instagram and here on the blog, on the following day.
Wish you all the best of luck!

brainy days

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