fotografia analógica

  1. I'm introvert, not shy.
  2. I had my body pierced 23 times in total.
  3. I have a special way of eating every single food.
  4. Probably rabbits are my favorite animal but I love hedgehogs almost the same.
  5. I hated corn until one day I had an urge to try it out and end up eating an entire can.
  6. The first time I was left home alone I had french fries and eggs for breakfast.
  7. I tend to make a mean face when I'm focused on something.
  8. I met David when I was 14 and we have been together since then.
  9. I have the same beauty spot in the exact same places as my father, my mom and David.
  10. I get very grumpy when people tell me I look grumpy and ask me what is going on.
  11. I had very long and curly hair all my life and only cut it short three times so far.
  12. I am absolutely terrified of ticks which consequently makes me hate spiders.
  13. Since a kid, I space out many times just looking out the window thinking about nothing for minutes or even hours. My father says it's my way of meditating.
  14. There were a few phases of my life when I had somnambulism crises.
  15. I tried to be vegetarian for almost a year but sorry to say I couldn't resist the urge of eating meat.
  16. I don't mind the silence, I actually enjoy it.
  17. When I was a kid I would spend hours looking myself in the mirror and nowadays I barely do it.
  18. I prefer eating ice cream during cold days.
  19. I met most of David's family before even knowing he existed.
  20. I started liking tea only after moving to Holland.
  21. I love thunderstorms.
  22. I have an amazing difficulty reproducing sounds.
  23. I respect everyone's beliefs as long as they don't hurt others but understand that religion set us apart as humanity.
  24. I don't like eating alone in public places.
  25. A shower in the morning is my coffee of the day. If I don't have it I become a zombie.
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  26. I recently discovered that I freaking love potatoes.
  27. I met a person who doesn't like water and that's still the craziest thing for me to understand.
  28. I like hugs better than kisses.
  29. Often people tell me that I talked, laugh or sang while sleeping but rarely they understand or remember what it was.
  30. I am the worst person I know opening mail.
  31. When I was a kid I drew on the walls of a rented holiday house and my parents had to spend quite a few hours cleaning it with bleach.
  32. I have a secret passion for flamingos. Well, not so secret anymore.
  33. No matter my disposition if you offer me Jellygums you make my day.
  34. I tend to overthink about almost everything.
  35. Music and noise influence me a lot, so if I don't like it I get very grumpy.
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Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. Let me know in the comments what is one out of the ordinary thing you know about yourself.

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