lip scrub diy

By now you may be wondering how difficult and unpractical this may be. Well, worry not because it is super easy to make, it makes a whole lot of difference to your lips and it's one hundred percent eatable!
It is not as harsh as a sea salt scrub, because we are talking about lips after all and in case something goes inside your mouth it sure taste better sweet than salty. Am I right?
It is not a secret the amazing benefits that coconut oil brings to your skin. As well as honey and lemon to your soul and body. So why not mixing all of them together in order to make this beauty?
So how do you make this wonder, you ask? Pretty easy, prepare yourself.

You'll need:
  • Honey
  • Just a few drops of lemon
  • Coconut Oil
  • Brown Sugar
  • Small container for storing purposes
lip scrub with coconut oil

Mix in the coconut oil with the honey and just a few drops of lemon. And I mean like three to four drops.

homemade lip scrub

The coconut oil is solid when cold but as soon as you touch it or heat it up it becomes liquid. By mixing it with the honey, the small friction will make this paste you see above.

lip scrub diy

Mix in the brown sugar. Don't be afraid to put too much of it but I would advise to add it and mix it and keep doing that until you reach the right consistency. This will depend on how harsh you want your scrub to become, meaning the less sugar the less scrub, got it?

lip scrub diy

When you find the right consistency for your scrub, just pass it onto a small container and ta-dan! Ready to be used at any time. I advise you to keep it in a cool place, sealed from light, to avoid rancid. This way you will also get a hard scrub that will melt between your fingers and your lips.

lip scrub diy

Use it once to twice per week. Just place a small amount in between your lips and rub them together or use your finger instead if you prefer that way. Rinse off and use a moisturizer afterwards. Hmm, Amazing!
The best part is that you don't necessarily have to stick to the lips and can also use it in your body. Just make sure not to use it on any blemishes.

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