Another month, another few discoveries that I have to share with you. Ready?


Apparently, this is something I do on a regular basis, at least in Portuguese. However, only recently I found out that not only do I do it but what the true meaning of the word, that so much paints a picture in my head of an old-school phonograph playing a scratched disc, really is. Well, in fact, it has somewhat of a resemblance to this mental image, because it basically means a group of words or syllables that together create an unpleasant sound or that may be misunderstood. Could you think of a better word to describe this?

tsunami spirits

Mass spirits sightings

It's hard to forget the strength of the natural phenomenon and its consequent devastation felt in Tohoku, Japan, on 11 March 2011. After one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded, a tsunami left a horrible trail of destruction whose marks are still visible today. One of the worst consequences of this tsunami was the death of close to 16 000 people, all in a matter of minutes, and more than 2 500 other who haven't been found up to this date, ten years later. These are the facts. And I am mentioning these so that we can all have a small idea of how traumatic such an event must be. However, it is the phenomenon that originated from this event that I found out about through the episode "Tsunami Spirits" on the docuseries "Unsolved Mysteries" on Netflix.

In this episode, we learn about some of the "paranormal" experiences registered by local residents. And we are not talking about one or two people reporting these sightings, but hundreds of people with the same kind of experiences.

Not wanting to be disrespectful, but being the skeptic and lover for everything related to the mind that I am, it is my belief that this was probably a collective PTSD due to the clearly traumatizing and catastrophic events. It's incredible what our minds can do. Anyway, I recommend you to watch the episode in case you're curious and want to know more because I could stay here and talk about it probably for hours.

Miyu Beads

Ever since I met Inês, I've known her love for beads. I remember fondly the hours spent after school in bead stores where she handpicked each glass bead for her projects whilst I dazzled in the colors, shapes, and reflections, keen to see the result of her latest work. Over thirteen years ago, she offered me a beautiful ring hand-made by her, which I've kept with me since then, and that's probably when I gained hope to see her sharing her, one of the so many other talents, with the world. 
It was finally in February that her brand Miyu Beads has come to life. You can follow her creations, make an order, and share some love on her Instagram page here.

Par de Jarras Podcast

It was right at the end of the month that I was made aware of this podcast. Now, it is in Portuguese and I've spoken about it more in-depth here if you're curious, thus I won't get too much into it here. Just know that this was also something that I discovered this month and that somehow made me a little happier.

Hedgehog Footprints

While I was working on our backyard, I found a hole close to our walnut tree. Since we had already a few visits from hedgehogs in the past, I got my hopes up for the fact that perhaps, who knows, hedgehogs would hibernate in tunnels? (Please, please, oh pretty please) It was whilst searching for this that I found out that hedgehogs' footprints look just like tiny little human hands, with one less finger but still, and that made me love them even more. You can find some nice images here

And, this was all for this month. See you next time!

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