Let's start a new chapter here on the blog where every month I'll share with you something that I've discovered throughout the month and think is worthwhile. This will be a condensed way to include a wide range of categories in one post, kind of like a monthly compilation if you will, and so I plan on including not only new products but also spaces, food, books, recipes, blog accounts, people, facts, you name it!

Now, I'm sure that there will be quite a few months where I won't have something completely new to share, therefore I'll be mixing in some rediscovers every now and then. Things that in a way or another were a positive addition to the month and that I haven't spoken about before.

The idea is simply to make you aware of these things and hopefully contribute in a positive way to your life as well. If there's anything that you'd like me to explore a little deeper, I'll for sure still dedicate a post to such a subject.

This will be a constant exercise to not only value more everything around me but will also help in achieving one of my goals for this space which is to think less and act more.

I hope you like this idea and I challenge you to also share something that made your month a little nicer.

Done with the introductions, let's begin!

The Danish Way of Parenting

The Danish Way of Parenting 

A book that became a greater success than anticipated and that has already traveled the world so many times. This book explores the so genuine and deep-rooted way of educating children by the Danish and ends up being sort of a guide to the parents around the world who may be looking into changing something in their parenting style. Definitely, a book that will deserve my full attention in a dedicated post, so in case it interested you keep your eyes peeled.


A board game with its roots in Africa that easily grabbed my attention for its simplicity. Even though this is a game sold as a wooden box and colorful stones, you can definitely play it with simply a piece of paper and some seeds, beans, little sticks, whatever small you can find. This is a game for two players that consists of extremely simple rules, yet still helps you develop your sense of logic and strategy in a fun way. If this is something that brings you any sort of pleasure I definitely recommend you to explore it further. It's a fantastic game to help develop the logical side of mathematics in young children and in adults too. 

51 Worldwide Games

A game for Nintendo Switch, that as the name says, compiles 51 games played around the globe in one. Here, you'll find the most well-known board and card games, but also tennis, bowling, darts, fishing, among many others. I'm sure that at least in part this will please all tastes. It was actually through this game that I found out about Mancala and many other games that I'd never heard of before. Plus, I finally learned the rules of some pretty well-established games such as Blackgammon, Renegate, Draughts, etc. You can play the games on your own, against others online or together with friends. Definitely, a staple for every console.

51 worldwide games for nintendo switch


Since the library has been closed for months on end and that, due to lack of space, I decided to start only buying physical books that I actually want to keep, I finally took our oh so very old e-reader out of the drawer and let it see the day of light once more. Even though I love books to death, I cannot deny the practicality of an e-reader, especially for that type of book that you'll probably only read once. Only this month, it has already kept me company on very cold but sunny outings to the park and became once again part of my night routine. As you can probably tell, I'm not one to look at e-readers as an attack on physical books but more just as a very practical way to incentivize people to keep their reading habits sharp. Now I know nothing about brands or any other type of e-reader. Like I said, this is our (seriously) very old e-reader which is shared around the house, so I'm no one to give you tips on the top quality or latest model, but that isn't even the point of this anyway as you can probably tell by now.

Favorites of the Month January

Nakd. Cocoa Delight

It's true that so far I've only tried one of this brand's "recipes" and nothing has to do with what I had imagined. But even so, it surprised me in a very tasty way! These are vegan bars that very simply consist of fruits and other ingredients, in this case, cocoa, all mushed together. I usually don't like to leave the house without some sort of snack in my bag, it saved me many times from hunger crises trust me. However, these bars in particular, personally, taste more like a healthy dessert and that's exactly how I consume them whenever my sweet tooth asks for it. No doubt that it caught my attention and I can't wait to try other flavors, which by the way seem just as great. I think I'll start with the blueberry muffin next time. Or the lemon cake... Ahh, so many choices.

Nakd Cocoa Delight

And so we reached the end of this month's list. Did you already know any of these things? What do you have to share with us this month?

See you next time,


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