Aristo eye shadow palette

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Can you look at these colors and not fall completely in love? I for one can't and every time I open this palette I just feel like a kid playing with a new watercolor set (yet again!). I want to play with all the shades! They're all sooo pretty! Please send help!

Zoeva eye shadow palette review

We all know the love I have for my Cocoa Blend also from Zoeva, and even though I can't really compare both palettes since they are so different from each other, can we please just stop for a minute and appreciate this packaging and layout of colors? Isn't it just so lux and beautiful? It reminds me a lot of the early 20's and Art Deco, which I find to be so aesthetically pleasing.

Zoeva Aristo eye shadow palette review
Zoeva Aristo eye shadow palette review
The Aristo eye shadow palette is inspired by mother nature, which becomes obvious once you see the influence of the elements in the variety of shades it provides. From the fire warm tones to the ocean blue passing by the earthy forest vibes, this palette has it all, and because of this, I find it to be super versatile! You can create endless amount of looks, from a more natural everyday type with a slight pop of color to a more sophisticated one.

When it comes to makeup, I was always very much attracted to the warm side of the spectrum. However, I feel like the time has came for me to adventure a little bit out of my comfort zone, and so I couldn't have discovered this palette at a better timing.

Zoeva Aristo review and swatches

As all of Zoeva's ten pan palettes, this is a very lightweight palette made out of cardboard that includes a magnetic closure and a carton sleeve with the same design as the palette. I personally love the simplicity of these palettes and find them great to travel with and store since they do not take up much space but are still sturdy enough and great at protecting the product inside.

Zoeva Aristo review

When it comes to the quality of the shades, I find them all to be very nicely pigmented and creamy. I think this is actually a great palette for beginners who might feel overwhelmed when it comes to playing with colors, since you can easily manage the pigmentation by using a brush or pack a punch with your fingers if you wish to. I find all the shades to be very easy to blend and to build up too without creating any patches or lines.

Zoeva Aristo Swatches

Overall, if these are shades you feel attracted too, I would definitely recommend you getting this palette. Besides, Zoeva has proven to be a great brand over the years focused in constantly producing amazing quality products at a very reasonable price. This is definetly a brand that has gain my heart and that I look for anytime I'm in the market for anything makeup related.

I'm planning on creating a new segment here on the blog where I show you several looks using only one palette at the time. Would you like to see that? And if so, would you prefer it in video format as well?

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