second trimester

Fourth Month | Weeks 14 - 17

So, I've finally entered the best part of the pregnancy, or at least the easiest of the three parts.

So far there's not much to report other than all of the sudden most of my symptoms have faded away and apart from having a little bump I pretty much don't feel pregnant at all.

My levels of energy have raised even though it has been tough to have good nights of sleep, caused by either pregnancy insomnia, having my kid sick or being sick myself.

I have starter hearing my pelvic bone cracking when I need to turn around in the middle of the night. Everything is definitely softening up as my body prepares for delivery.

Apart from once or twice that I felt sick out of nowhere and a few minutes later was fine again, I think it is safe to say that morning sickness is a thing of the past. Hurray!! Though, I still cannot stand minced red meat or the smell of a specific spice without feeling extremely nauseated. Oh! I've been craving a lot more healthy foods now, and nothing satisfies me more than a green salad with balsamic vinegar, sea salt and olive oil.

I've heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time on week 14 and even though he/she kept swimming away we were able to make sure that everything is alright. By week 16 I can feel the baby's movements a lot stronger and more frequently which puts my mind a bit more at ease.

Throughout this entire month, I've also been having quite a lot of discharge, mainly when I go to the toilet, but I guess if it continues like this I will soon have to start using thin sanitary towels just to make me feel more comfortable. And also, to protect my panties from random sneezing attacks, if you know what I mean. Oh pregnancy can be so glamorous!

The stretch marks I got from my first pregnancy are now becoming a lot more prominent and I have simply given up on stretch mark creams at this point since none of them did absolute nothing in my previous pregnancy. My nipples have been very sore and sensitive a lot more often now which weirdly enough makes not wearing a bra even more uncomfortable than wearing one. Luckily the bralettes I got from Intimissimi are still fitting and as comfortable as ever.

Fifth Month | Weeks 18 - 22

This month has been a little bit easier when it comes to my anxiety, especially after we've had the 20th week ultrasound and heard from the doctor that everything seems to be great. By the way, in case you don't follow me on Instagram - we're expecting another girl!

I've been now sleeping a lot better though it seems like eight hours aren't enough anymore. I'm often falling asleep on the couch after taking breakfast, which to me feels super strange because I simply do not take naps unless I'm extremely ill.

I'm back to craving unhealthy foods, mainly carbs full of grease. Give me pizza rolls, fried potatoes, ice creams, chocolate and sushi and I'll be your best friend! Though, trying my best not to eat unhealthy foods doesn't seem to have any impact on the fact that my middle name has now become heartburn.

My nipples are not as badly sensitive now and the discharge has decreased quite a lot after the 19th week. I still pee myself a little whenever I sneeze really hard whilst having a full bladder.

It's now possible to see her little kicks from the outside! It's so cool to finally be able to show on the outside what I can feel from the inside. Eva is super curious and constantly strokes my belly and places her hand on top to feel the baby move. It's the cutest thing ever!

Every once in a while my self-esteem gets really down, it comes and goes but no matter how nice being pregnant and having babies is, the truth is that I really dislike seeing myself in the mirror during and up to a year after being pregnant. If in one hand I couldn't appreciate more all of the great things my body is doing, on the other hand it's hard not to loose myself in this process. Some days are better than others, that's all.

Sixth Month | Weeks 23 - 27

As soon as it turn to the 23rd week, the baby's movements felt very uncomfortable. It didn't really hurt, but I could definitely feel something pushing stronger from the inside out, which was a bit unpleasant. A few days later the baby seemed a lot quieter than usual and suddenly I started feeling the movements more up and downwards opposed to on the sides. I'm pretty sure she just turned herself into a vertical position not only because of where I feel the movements now, but I've also felt hiccups down low and my belly seems a lot more centered and pushed forward now, if that makes any sense.

After week 25 her movements have been so strong that sometimes even feels like I'm bruising. I can now feel her move as strongly as I felt my first baby right at the end of the pregnancy, which seems crazy to me! Loud noises, typing on the computer or even playing Nintendo Switch seems to trigger her a lot, even when she seems to be asleep.

After the 26th week my breast started leaking. Not too much for now, just a few drops in the morning out of nowhere. It feels like my body is preparing itself a lot sooner this time around.

I'm now using a regular pillow between my legs at night to ease the pressure on my lower back. I no longer hear the cracking sound I mentioned before, but I do feel a sharp pain almost like sciatica but just in the beginning of the nerve, especially during the night or if I spend too much time sitting. I've also started to feel slight leg cramps but luckily so far they haven't develop to that horrible pain that we know.

My belly button is huge and whenever I laugh it pops out. I keep forgetting that I have a rather big belly and can't really squeeze into small spaces anymore, which makes bumping into things a lot more frequent.

Also more frequently will be the midwife's appointments from now on. I just had my last monthly appointment and the baby is indeed in a vertical position, though her head was upwards. I know it is still early, but I can't get over the anxiety of having a breech birth this time around. Please send all good vibes over this way!

I've been a bit more sensitive in the last two weeks and had my first pregnancy meltdown just a few days ago. I can only blame it on the hormones. The good thing is that it hits strongly but also goes away fast.

Speaking of going fast, I can't believe how fast this trimester went by compared to the last one. I am still a bit in shock whenever I think that in less than three months I'll be once again holding a tiny baby in my arms and we'll get to welcome the new member of our family. I'm super excited to meet her!

second trimester

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