Garnier Hydra Bomb mask

The first, and only time, that I've tried a tissue mask before was in a Facial Spa Treatment from Rituals, that David offered me a while back. At the time, I didn't pay much attention to it, but I definitely recall the refreshing and soothing feeling after an intensive facial treatment.

Since then, tissue masks have come a long way and quickly became one of the latest beauty trends.
So the other day while I was waiting in line at the drug store, I saw this sheet mask and I thought "why not give this a shot and see what the fuss is all about".

Overall I liked this mask and it was definitely a good experience. However, while on the process, I couldn't stop myself from comparing sheet masks to regular masks, and I thought that it might be interesting to share with you my list of pros and cons. But before that, let's talk a bit about this mask in particular and my experience using it for the first time.

garnier tissue mask

What it is

This is a face-shaped cloth enriched with beneficial products for your skin such as pomegranate extract, plant serum, and hyaluronic acid - Ideal for dehydrated skin that is in need of some pampering.

How to use

Carefully spread the cloth evenly onto your cleansed face. Gently, press the sheet mask to your skin and remove the protective film.

Leave the mask for about 15 minutes - This will allow your skin to soak up all the good ingredients in order to feel more plumped and hydrated - after this, remove the sheet, massage the excess serum on your skin and remove what hasn't been absorbed with a cotton pad.

My experience

Especially during summer months, my skin tends to be a bit more oily, and although that doesn't necessarily translate in a hydrated skin, I always feel a bit hesitant using products that seem this potent, because I'm afraid that it will make my skin break out. Who feels the same way? Anyway, because of that and because I wanted to see if I could actually feel a difference, I saved this mask to use it when my skin was showing signs that was in need of some deep hydration.

The first thing that I noticed about this mask is that it gives a boost of freshness - That is super relaxing.

It did tingle a bit at first, which got me concerned since my skin can be quite sensitive at times, but after a couple of minutes, I was able to fully enjoy it.

After removing the mask, my skin felt indeed more hydrated and plumped, with a healthy look. This feeling lasted at least for the first two days after using it, but I can definitely say that I didn't feel the need to use any heavy cream or serum for the following week after using this mask.

garnier tissue mask review

As I mentioned before, this experience got me thinking about the pros and cons of using this type of mask instead of regular jar/tube masks. Here are some of my thoughts.


  • Ready to use - No need for a brush, a bowl, to mix or to immediately wash your hands.
  • Travel-friendly - Easy to bring in your travel bag and great to use during a long flight.
  • Provides a refreshing and relaxing feeling. 
  • Affordable for a sporadic use.
  • Good relation quality/price when compared to high-end sheet masks.
  • Easy to remove and dispose of.


  • Creates too much waste when using long term.
  • Can become expensive with frequent use.
  • Because it has a standard face shape, it may require some adjusting and cutting.

With this being said, I definitely see myself using this type of mask again in the future, especially for a boost of hydration after a long journey. But for the time being, I think I will stick to using my regular jar masks, even though that may sometimes mean taking ages to remove the product from my face.

What about you? Which type of masks do you prefer?


  1. Adoro o design desse espelho! ❤ Quero para mim! haha
    Estas mÀSCaras faciais já me chamara a atenção no supermercado. Eu nunca usei nenhuma, mas ultimamente a minha pele tem passado por mudanças, tornou-se mais para o seca, e está na altura de começar a mimar-me com coisas destas!

    Sofia | Monochromatic Wave

    1. Apaixonei-me completamente quando o vi! Não sei se entregam em Portugal, mas: (e em cinza que é metade do preço: Talvez consigas encontrar à venda por aí :)
      Quanto à máscara, acho que vale a pena experimentar. Mas uma coisa que ajuda muito também é o óleo de côco.