I always get so excited when I find nice handmade products! From prints to ceramics passing through stickers and jewelry, the wishlist is endless! To me, it's all about having a unique piece created with love and dedication by this one person. There will never be another piece exactly the same. But besides that, it brings me so much joy to support people doing what they love and make their dream job possible.

I found out about Revel Jewellery a while back through Instagram and I immediately fell in love with the concept and most of the pieces.

It was bittersweet to see that my two favorite necklaces were already sold out by the time I discovered Revel Jewellery though. And I say bittersweet because if in one hand I couldn't get those pieces that I so much liked, on the other hand, it could only mean that more beautiful pieces that I identify with were still to be created.

So, as a stalker of Laura's work that I am, (Laura Wellington is the creator of these fun, individual and bold pieces of jewellery, by the way!) the other day, I was scrolling through her pics and I found this gorgeous necklace (still available - hurray!), but even better, the yellow variation of the necklace that I so much liked was being offered to the first person who'd send her a screenshot of said necklace. Guess who won something for the first time in their life - Yay!

After exchanging a couple of texts with Laura, making a simple PayPal payment and waiting for a couple of days, I finally received my two beautiful and unique necklaces in the mail.

I knew that I had to share her amazing work with you guys because I really think that it is worth so many more international fans. Don't forget to check out her work on Instagram if you'd like to see more fun and bold jewelry.

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