Ines Lopes

As a content creator, I sometimes find myself in a mist of a blankness.

Creative people. We all have these phases once in a while, ones more than others. Personally, it always feels so frustrating when I know that I have so much to say or do but simply can't put it in the right way, shape or form out there. Who's with me here?

If in one day I can be the most inspired person and sketch down a bunch of new ideas or create a lot of great posts, the next day I can feel completely dull and like nothing good is coming out.

Quality over quantity has always been my work and life motto. But that also affects a lot my productivity, since I can be so self-critic, and not in the best ways most of the times.

I try not to beat myself too hard on those days because after all, we all have them. Instead, I try to relax and just do my best to pull myself together as fast as possible.

So here are a few things I do to help me get out of a creative rut and/or overcome a creative block.

Ines Lopes

Write down everything

I find that having a pen and a notebook with me at all times helps a lot with brainstorming. I will get the best ideas when I am out and about, and with my golden fish's memory, I certainly need a place to write down my thoughts. But even when I am not in the mood to purposely brainstorm, doodling and writing random stuff or simply making lists on a piece of paper helps me a lot at getting new ideas. They may not come immediately, but I can assure you that just a simple old word written on a piece of paper can develop in an interesting project.

Find new people to follow

I love to read blogs and consume Youtube videos. As many of you may know, I do not watch television or even read the news (no shame in that) but Oh My! if I like spending a good amount of time reading content created by inspiring people.

I have a list of bloggers that I read on the daily, but from time to time I like to search for fresh content and new people. It not only helps to keep me motivated at what I'm doing, but I also exchange a lot of great ideas and get to know a bunch of you guys that way!

One place that I find great for doing this is Fashion Potluck . You can follow me there if you haven't already!

Fashion Potluck is a relatively young online platform, created especially for women to share their content, from fashion to beauty passing by a lot of different subjects such as food and travel. It's a place where you can share what inspires you and perhaps inspire others as well. 

If you're a content creator, I strongly advise you to check it out. It would be lovely to have you as an addition to this community! If you do, don't forget to share your profile down below in the comments so that I can follow you!

Get outside more

Sometimes, nothing feels better than just to be inside in our loungewear all day. I know that feeling! But believe me, it is so important to get out every day. Even if it is just a fifteen-minute walk through the park or walking down the street where you live, just the fact that you are changing your environment and getting some fresh air will ease a lot of your concerns and wave that brain fog away.
On those days when I'm feeling lazy and not like going out at all, I just visualize how good it feels when I'm back home with fresh thoughts and, with that in mind, I immediately get my ass out the door, before my laziness settles down again.

Read your old posts | See your previous work

I recently read a blog post about a girl who thought that it was weird to enjoy reading her own posts. Not at all! There's nothing to be ashamed of. There's no better sign that you're doing something that you love than going back and enjoying your own work. 

Sometimes, in reading an old blog post a new and great idea will pop out. You can have an amazing idea out of something that you felt like it was missing in that old post. You never know! Also, you can see your evolution better that way, and that is certainly motivating. Try it more often!

Ines Lopes

Do something new

This can be as simple as trying out a different food, product to going somewhere new. Change up your routine every once in a while, even if that simply means taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking a different street on your way home. I discovered a lot of different places since I started doing this and the best thing - It makes me feel happier and more inspired. Also, if you want to create something that you have been scared of all this time, just do it! You have nothing to loose. Bake that cake or create that blog post. If it doesn't work in the end, it's fine. If you want to do it again anyways, just do it because that means that you see the potential in it.

Get outside your comfort zone 

I am so guilty at this but, in my defense, I can say that I've been risking a lot more often. Starting by going to the gym - alone! Yes, to you this may seem like it isn't much but go tell that to my guts! Going to social events (so completely not me). Being the first one to start a conversation (again, so not me). But truly speaking it does help a lot. Most days, I'll come back home with new ideas and feeling inspired, but even if I don't, I am building my confidence and that consequently affects the way I look at things.

Work with others 

I love working alone. I was never really good at working in groups, I'll admit. Mostly because there's always that one "leader" person that disregards my ideas and suddenly they become someone else's great ideas. But when you're working with someone that you trust and that you get along well, the amount of things that you can create from that is endless.

We all have different backgrounds that make us unique and have a different perspective on things. We always have something to learn from each other and, even in the smallest things that you'll get from working with someone else can become a huge and amazing thing in the end.

Ask for feedback

I love rambling about my ideas and projects with my friends. That always gets me motivated and inspired to do more of what I love. Not only because I have their support, but mostly because they are honest enough to tell me if they think that I'm going in the right direction or otherwise point me a different way.

And for the most part, this is it guys. I hope it helped you somehow. Let me know in the comments below if you do something else to help you get inspired and motivated and how do you overcome a creative block. I would love to know!


  1. Também podes partilhar comigo ideias e projectos apesar de não ser tua amiga ahahah mas vindo de ti, é tudo excelente aposto.!

    1. Awww que querida! Que bom saber. Partilho sim e com o maior gosto! Temos de fazer algo juntas em breve ;)