jelly with dragon fruit

I finally placed my hands on a dragon fruit last weekend at the market and couldn't forgive myself if I hadn't bring it home to try it out.
This is the most crazy amazing looking fruit I have ever seen. It is so beautiful and weird. I wonder who was the one who decided to try it for the very first time.
It is originally grown in Mexico and it comes out of a cactus looking plant. The taste is quite sublime and I would describe it more like a scented flower than a fruit, but it is amazing.
So I found myself the other day in the kitchen looking at this piece of nature and wondering what to do with it. How should I eat it. Not on it's own, no. Maybe a smoothie? Yeah! And then some magical bell rang inside my head and that's how I came up with this delicious recipe!

You'll need:
  • Dragon fruit
  • Passion fruit's gelatin
  • 3 gelatin clear sheets
dragon fruit

First, you'll need to cut the edges of the fruit and then cut it in half.

dragon fruit

Look at it! It's so gorgeous.
After this, I suggest you use a table spoon to scoop out all the "meat". Blend it and set it aside. Make sure you keep the fruit intact to use it as bowls.
gelatin sheet
Dip the gelatin sheets in cold water until they get the gelatin consistency (around two minutes) In the meantime, prepare the passion fruit gelatin according to the instructions in the package but use only half of the water.
In my case I was supposed to use 250ml hot water plus 250ml cold water to make the gelatin. Instead I only used the hot water.
gelatin sheets
Once you mixed the passion fruit gelatin, add the gelatin sheets and stir it well until it cools down a bit. You don't want to let it solidify but you also don't want it to be too hot when mixing the dragon fruit, otherwise it may cook and taste bad.
Once it is ready, mix four to five table spoons of the blended dragon fruit and pour it onto the slices of the fruit that you set aside.
recipe with dragon fruit
Take it to the fridge and it should be ready to eat in about two to three hours.
gelatin with dragon fruit
Delight yourself with this Spring Exotic Jelly. It tastes so good! Yum!
Don't forget to share with me in the comments below in case you try it!

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