The girl

My name is Inês and I was born in the late 80s in Lisbon, Portugal. I've been loving animals of all sorts and sizes since a very young age, but on top of my list are bunnies, hedgehogs, whales, and flamingos. After living most of my life in the country by the sea (that still fills up my heart), I moved to The Netherlands where I've been living for about six years with my boyfriend David, our daughter and two super cute bunnies - Einstein and Yoko. I value individuality, being happy with no preconceptions and I love to share knowledge. I like to see myself as a transparent and no bullsh*t kind of person, although to some people that may skim on arrogance. I would be happy just living out of pizza, lasagna, some juicy steaks (sorry vegetarian friends) and sushi.
I am passionate about skincare and beauty since I can remember. I love the silence and the peace that a bicycle ride on a fresh sunny morning brings to my soul. Last but not least, I believe that one day the world will be ruled by cats and jelly gums.

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The blog

Wit Konijn was born, in October 2015, out of an impulse of sharing the knowledge that I have growing inside of me. I believe that it's in sharing our experiences and knowledge that lays the secret to help one another and nothing gives me more pleasure.
From Wit Konijn you can expect a mix between personal stories and experiences, tasty recipes, DIY projects, places worth visiting, beauty tips and very soon some photography tips too. In between, of course, I have some spare space for anything else you might enjoy seeing here, just let me know!

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