The girl

Hi! I’m Inês, born in the late 80s in Lisbon, Portugal. After living most of my life in a beautiful country by the sea, it was time for a drastic change. Fast forward almost a decade and here I am making a relaxed living in the Netherlands together with my handsome boyfriend David and our three girls Eva, Alma, and Mia. Let's not forget our three-legged bunny, Einstein.
Perhaps you already know some facts about me by now, if not this old post “Get To Know Me” might be a good place to start!

I value individuality and the simplest things in life bring great pleasure to my soul.

The blog

Wit Konijn was born, in October 2015, out of an impulse of sharing my thoughts on subjects that I feel passionate about, in an attempt to inspire people to feel comfortable in their own skin. I believe that it's in sharing our experiences and knowledge that lays the secret to help one another.
From Wit Konijn you can expect a mix of personal stories, life experiences, parenting life, tasty but easy recipes, DIY projects, places worth visiting, beauty miscellaneous, and, of course, everything else in between, always, of course, with no running around the bush. 

So, if there's something you'd like me to approach here, please do let me know! After all, I do this for you too. Let's keep this an open and friendly space.