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So, I've decided to start this new chapter here on the blog where, once per month, I'll be sharing with you five things that have made my month slightly better and that consequently I'm grateful for. These may vary from feelings, physical things, tv-shows, movies, events, to whatever the heck goes through my mind during the specific month. In the end it's kind of like a favorites of the month, though hopefully, slightly less materialistic. I hope you enjoy it!



One of my most pleasurable memories is coming back home from school on Spring/Summer days, going barefoot to the backyard watering the plants with a hose while feeling the fresh water running beneath my feet. It is such a simple thing but the peace and enjoyment that it still brings me to this day is beyond words. Lately it has been far too cold and rainy over here to do that so those days will have to wait a little longer. And that's when the indoor plants do their best magic. Having plants surrounding us everywhere in the house makes me so happy and relaxed. I love spending time looking and taking care of them and I'm so so happy to see all of them thriving and growing well. Plus, I recently realized that one of our oldest plants has just turned eight years-old! Isn't that amazing?

Capitola Watches


I'm so very grateful to have been invited to be an ambassador for Capitola early this month! I've been receiving a few partnership proposals ever since I started this blog, but never something that I fully identified with and thought may benefit any of us. This opportunity came when I was least expecting and I'm so happy for it, it may even seem a bit silly. Anyway, in case you missed it on my Instagram, if you'd like to purchase anything from Capitola, feel free to use the code witkonijn at the check-out to get 15% discount on any purchase.

working moms

Workin' Moms

This isn't the type of series I normally would watch, and it is definitely more targeted towards moms, but I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. It is a Netflix original that follows the lives of a group of women who are at the end of their maternity leaves. Because all the characters have distinct personalities and deal with the same subject in complete different ways, it brings a great dynamic to the story. What I personally like the most about this series is the fact that it brings awareness to important aspects of maternity with a dark sense of humor.

hanging plants

People who believe in me

Early on this month I was invited to start an illustration project that curiously has always been something I dreamed of doing. I can't say that I haven't thought about giving up quite a few times, since it has been proving to be extremely challenging. But just the fact that someone believes in me and my work has pushed me forward to continue improving what I'm doing and being able to deliver what I think will be, at least at this stage, the best work that I can do. This is applied to anything that I do or create in life, especially things that seem extra hard. It means the world to me to have people by my side who fully support what I'm doing and give me the strength to move forward with confidence. I think you all know who you are and I couldn't feel more grateful to have you as part of my life.


My body

It's true that we have a love/hate relationship like no other, but still I couldn't be more proud of my body right now. No matter how much junk food I eat and lack of patience to exercise I have, it still behaves so nicely and keeps reminding me of all the great things I can do. It's creating life, all day, everyday. It is my first home and the home to I don't even know how many organisms. I don't know half of what I should about it and yet all it asks in return is some food and water. This is an Ode to you body. Thanks for being an unappreciated pall all of these years.

And you, what are you grateful for this month?

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