This past Christmas, I received a huge kit from Soap & Glory which included the Bright + Beautiful Sheet Mask among other skincare products. I remember the days when Soap & Glory  was all the rage in the UK beauty community, so it was nice to finally have the opportunity to try some of their products. Thanks mother-in-law (not really in law, but you get the point!).

From body butters, body scrubs, shower gels, and shower creams all smelling incredibly well, as soon as I felt this mask on my hands I knew I had to share my experience with you because it felt completely different from any I'd tried before and I never really heard anything about it either.

As you may know from this past post, this is actually my third experience using any type of sheet or tissue masks. I got to say that my thoughts on sheet masks haven't really changed, and no matter how convenient they may seem for while you're away from home, I still prefer to have my favorite tub masks to use at home instead, mainly because they don't seem as wasteful.

This is by far the wettest sheet mask I've ever tried, so much so that I feel like there should actually be two tissue masks inside or make the one re-usable.

This mask claims to be a great deal when it comes to bringing back brightness to dull and hangover skin. Now, we all know that my hangover times are buried way back in the past and are now replaced by my sick days or insomnia nights. So I saved this mask for a day when I felt like I needed extra care to see if I could notice a relevant change.

As I said, this is a very wet mask, so as I was applying it I made quite a mess with the product running all over the place, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, more so something to be aware of.

After placing it on my face I just sat back and relaxed with my eyes closed for some sacred twenty minutes. The mask feels super refreshing and relaxing on the skin, and it smells so good and reinvigorating as well!
After removing the tissue mask and massaging the leftover product for a good while, I still felt the need to use a cotton pad because there was still a lot of extra product left. After this, my skin looked bright and hydrated but not in a greasy way. It almost felt as if I had used a dry oil if you know what I mean.

I wouldn't say it is my absolute favorite sheet mask of all times but it was overall a good experience and I would definetly repeat it, especially after a flight. Soap & Glory provides a nice range of sheet masks that targets all kinds of needs, and they usually have nice offers such as buy three pay two, so perhaps if you're a sheet mask lover or are simply curious about these you may wanna take the opportunity to give them a try.

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