Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter

If you're anything like me, you know just how annoying and painful having dry lips can be.

Blame it on having a much drier climate than in Portugal, heating system and air conditioning, biking in the cold wind or simply not being as hydrated. All I know is that ever since I moved to the Netherlands, my lips suffer from being dry and even cracking more often than not no matter how much Vaseline I use to try and lock the moisture in place.

I tried so many different things in the past years until I finally found a couple of tricks that ultimately make my lips have more better than not so great days, and I'm here to share them with you.

Tips for Lush Lips

First off, and even though it is the most obvious I still feel like a lot of people may neglect this, is to drink water and always stay hydrated. I feel a huge difference when I'm not ingesting enough water and healthy liquids, and especially when I'm sick my lips are the first to show signs of needing some extra love. So do drink enough water everyday and half of your problem is gone.

Another thing I do often and feel like it really does help is scrubbing my lips. I think I mentioned this facial sponge from The Body Shop in a previous post but just in case you missed it, I love using it for a more in-depth skin cleanse as well as to scrub my lips on a daily basis. You can always just use a towel and warm water or if you prefer a more rough type of scrubbing, try using this simple recipe for a natural homemade lip scrub once per week. If you wear lipstick, particularly liquid lipsticks on a daily basis, I feel like this is a step you really shouldn't miss. It makes such a difference.

After a good scrub-udub-dub there's nothing better than feeling the softness of a good moisturizer. I recently found this Brazillian Kiss Cupuaço lip butter from Sol de Janeiro and have been using it non-stop for a few weeks now. I love how moisturizing it feels, it smells nice but not too much and the best this is that it is mainly composed with natural and yummy ingredients such as grape seed oil and sativa seed oil, since most of it we end up swallowing anyways.

No Makeup

Of course that avoiding constantly bitting my lips, eating the lip butter off and having a healthy diet helps a lot too. But these are the three main things that I found help me prevent having uncomfortable lips all year round and contribute to making one of my least favorite features look and feel a lot better.

Do you have any other tips? Share the love in the comments.

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