I first started this blog when I was eight months pregnant with our first child. And because of that, I was never really able to share any pregnancy updates, at least whilst being pregnant.

This time around I decided to keep a pregnancy diary that I will be sharing with you at the end of each trimester. I feel like when I was pregnant the first time, watching videos and reading posts by other moms about their personal experiences really helped me prepare and feel confident throughout the whole process, so I hope this interests and maybe help some of you too.

Just a small disclaimer before we start, I will be as honest and raw as possible about this subject. So if you're only into rainbows and unicorns, you may not want to read any further as I may share some not so glamorous bodily functions here. All things clear? Let's go!

FIRST MONTH | Weeks 1 - 4

Ever since I removed my IUD, my period has been anything but regular, and I've been more aware of all my post-menstrual symptoms. One of the symptoms being feeling nauseous for almost an entire day while having sore breasts for a maximum of three days.

This past month, however, I can't recall feeling sick, or at least not for such an extended period of time and the soreness in my breasts was simply not going away. Past a week and a half of having very sensitive breasts, I decided it was time for a pregnancy test. I didn't really have any expectations but sure enough, four days prior to my expected period there it was - the second line!

I couldn't really believe it at first because I tested so early, and even though I was holding a positive test in my hands, I wasn't feeling sick nor had any other symptoms to reassure me that I actually had a baby in the making. It took a while to sink in, and only a week past missing my period I started realizing that yes, indeed I am pregnant.

So, math's done, I found out I was pregnant when I was around four weeks along, which is very early for me. Especially when compared to my first pregnancy.

Looking back and paying a bit more attention to the first signs of pregnancy, I can say that the major three were definitely very sore and fuller breasts, my nipples also grew and became a lot darker which I was not expecting to be happening this soon and a lot of hormonal acne. This time, instead of having that occasional pimple around PMS time I was breaking out everywhere, especially on my neck, behind my ears and chin, and this type of internal pimples that you can't do anything about, they're just there to annoy the crap out of you. Oh, and I started waking up at least once every night to pee. There was also one day where I felt like I was coming up with a cold, but the very next day I was completely fine.

SECOND MONTH | Weeks 5 - 8

I feel exhausted most of the times and find myself falling asleep out of nowhere, which usually never happens to me. I'm the type of person that only sleeps during the day if I'm ill. I'm also out of breath with the simplest of things and feel my heart pumping a lot stronger, sometimes I can even hear it internally (it's strange).

I feel slight cramping as like when my period is about to start but far less painful. Hmm, what else?
I started feeling nausea at the beginning of the sixth week. More so when I'm hungry or have an empty stomach, which makes me wake up every day feeling queasy but goes away as soon as I put something in my stomach.

Apart from a specific thing that I can't even think about without feeling nauseous, and consequently red meat, thankfully I haven't had any other food aversions. However, there are some things that I look at and feel immediately nauseous... Probably my mind playing tricks on me since these aren't even edible things, more so like decoration stuff - haha! Go figure.

When I get up too quickly I feel a sort of pulling sensation on the sides of my pelvis - muscles stretching? And I can't stand for too long without feeling sick or dizzy.

My sleep has been very light and I'm either having very vivid and usually terrifyingly weird dreams, or I'm waking up with the lightest of sounds and can't fall back to sleep for hours, probably why I've been feeling so low in energy lately. Hopefully, this will go away soon!

I'm thirsty more often than usual but I've learned that I need to drink water slowly, since everytime I jug a glass down my throat I feel sick for hours afterwards.
I'm also struggling with food because I'm constantly hungry but can never finish a normal dish, so I'm now eating more meals but tinnier portions each time. I have now given up on coffee. Can't really explain why. It's not because I don't like the taste but I just stopped drinking it completely out of the blue. Still love the smell though!

I feel like a lazy gramma couch potato, and after eight o'clock I am ready for bed.

One very annoying thing that has been happening is either I'm very constipated or I have diarrhoea the next day. Oh hormones, you're always such a pleasure to deal with!

I still have a lot of internal acne popping once in a while, especially behind my ears. Oh, and heartburn has become my middle name. Just great!

THIRD MONTH | Weeks 9 - 13

If you're reading this, I completely gave up on my jeans by now as they've become very uncomfortable around my belly after one or two hours. It's not like I have a huge bump but Oh boy, the bloating is real and it makes it so annoying having to wear something restrictive.

I've had a few mood swings, mostly when I do not feel like being touched and I have my daughter jumping on top of me. I'm also extremely sensitive and find myself crying at the faintest emotional or frustrating thing.

I'm not feeling as sick by now, though sometimes it comes very strong but shortly goes away.

I've been having far too many cravings this time around. Every time I want to eat something I always know what it is and I can't stop thinking about it until I have it, which is also something new to me.

I feel just a tiny bit more energetic by now but I still have days where I just feel like sleeping. Perhaps is the grey weather and the winter coming, not sure.

I've had my first ultrasound and midwife appointment and everything seems in order. The baby is expected to arrive in the month of June. We'll have a summer and a winter baby just like me and David. Aww...

And by now the first trimester is done with! Yay! Supposedly the second trimester is when you feel at your best. Let's see if I'll have the same luck this time around.

Next time we speak we will hopefully know the sex of the baby. Any bets?!

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