Loreal Lip Paint swatches and try on

I got these lip paints from L'Oréal Paris a little over a month ago and I've been playing around with them ever since in order to give you my full thoughts and in-depth review.

First off, the packaging. This is becoming a trend with a lot of makeup items lately, isn't it? I have got to say that when it comes to liquid lipsticks I kind of like it a lot and that was actually the first thing that drew me to these.

Loeral lip paint

Formula | Consistency | Finishes

At the moment, these are available in two different finishes - matte and lacquer.

Both finishes have the same creamy formula which makes your lips feel hydrated and plump.

This formula doesn't fully dry on the lips, which makes the creamy consistency last but has the disadvantage of not being transfer proof.

They are pigmented, however, I feel like, in order to achieve full opacity one layer is not enough. I would recommend you to apply two layers for a more even and opaque look, especially with the matte finish.

Overall, they do last on the lips and have a pleasant fading with no weird flaking whatsoever. Even so, I prefer to remove them completely before a meal and reapply afterward, to prevent it from getting everywhere (like a lip gloss saga). Besides my times of eating lipstick on purpose are kind of over and the scent on these ones really aren't my cup of tea.

On that note, the scent is that typical L'Oréal Paris sweet but kind of synthetic strong scent that lingers throughout the use. It is bearable and I'm sure a lot of people enjoy it, but when it comes to lipsticks I much prefer no scent at all or just a slight tiny scent that dissipates after a couple of minutes, which is definitely not the case with these ones.

Loreal lip paints

Matte finish

I wouldn't personally consider this a full on matte finish, but more like a cream/satin finish, since the formula doesn't dry completely and keeps a slight shine even after some hours of use. Here's a pic to give you a better term of comparison.

Lip paint matte swatch comparison

Here you see from bottom to top - L'Oréal Paris Lip Paint Matte in 211 Babe-in, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 15 Athens and Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Midi.

As you can see, the lip paint is still shiny even though it was the first one I swatch on my arm. Both the NYX and Colourpop dried fast and completely opaque. If you wait for about 30 minutes to one hour, you'll notice that the lip paint gets a bit less shiny, but there's always a creamy shine to it (if that's making any sense to you). Anyway, it is just something to be aware of if you're looking into getting these.

On the other hand, the fact that they're like this makes me like them a bit more because I don't feel the need to use an hydrating balm underneath in order to get a nice smooth finish. My lips feel moisturized and do not look or feel dry at all when I'm wearing these, so that might also be a plus if you, like me, have chronic dry and very textured lips.

L'oreal lip paint lacquer

Lacquer finish

I was actually surprised by how much I liked this finish. Especially in the shade 101 Gone with the nude.

This is a shiny finish, very reflective and almost looks like you're wearing a gloss on top of an opaque lipstick. I feel like this finish is a bit more pigmented, but it might be because it is so shiny.

They last just as good on the lips, but again, are very transferable.

Lip Paint/ Matte | shade 211 Babe-In

L'oreal lip paint matte 211 babe-in

L'oreal lip paint matte 211 babe-in try on

L'oreal lip paint matte 211 babe-in swatch

Judging from the packaging, this one seemed more like a mauve/rose type of nude to me. However, for whatever reason, on my lips, it becomes more of this brownish/rose tone. I find it very similar to the shade 09 Abu Dhabi from NYX.

Lip Paint/ Lacquer | shade 101 Gone With The Nude

L'oreal lip paint lacquer 101 gone with the nude

L'oreal lip paint 101 gone with the nude

L'oreal lip paint 101 gone with the nude try on

This brown/orange shade became one of my favorite nudes very quickly and I'm sure that I'll use and abuse it this Autumn. At first, it may seem very similar to the one above but believe me, this is a much deeper tone and a little bit more "out there" because of the glossy finish.

Lip Paint/ Lacquer | shade 102 Darling Pink 

L'oreal lip paint lacquer 102 darling pink

L'oreal lip paint 102 darling pink

L'oreal lip paint 102 darling pink swatch

Even though I really like this color, I'm just not much of a pink lipstick kind of gal. I don't think that it suits my complexion as good as earthy/warm tones do, and it somehow always makes me feel kind of "Barbie-ish" if that makes any sense. But this is definitely a great pink color, very pigmented and bold.

Lip Paint/Matte | shade 204 Red Actually

L'oreal lip paint matte 204 red actually

L'oreal lip paint matte 204 red actually try on

L'oreal lip paint matte 204 red actually swatch

Every time I wear this shade I get so many compliments. It is a very bold and almost neon kind of red. This is a versatile red that you can wear for a more bold look (like shown above), but I also love to just spread a tiny little bit on my lips, blot them and use it just as a hint of tint. It gives a great "just sucked on a popsicle" kind of look.

L'oréal lip paint matte lacquer

L'oreal lip paint

What about you, any favorites?

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