nyx soft matte lip cream rome

For my first time trying out products from NYX , I thought it would be wise to start off with the soft matte lip creams

These are not liquid lipsticks and you can't quite compare both. This formula feels like a whipped butter when applying and personally I find them very comfortable on the lips even though they dry completely matte. 

Some shades can be a little bit patchy with only one layer, but you can easily build it up to full opacity with two layers. Just to give you a better idea, I am only using one layer in all of the photos below, and in case you don't know, I have a huge birthmark on my top lip.

All of these have the same sweet scent, which reminds me a lot of vanilla pudding. But once they dry there's no weird taste or smell at all, which I appreciate.

They stay a good amount of time, fade well and do not flake or anything like that. At least these three shades. 

Another thing that I like about this formula is the fact that it doesn't accentuate my lip cracks like a lot of liquid lipsticks do. They feel more like a bullet lipstick in that sense but without transferring as much, which I like a lot!

Overall I am very satisfied with these. Not only this collection has a lot of neutral shades, but they also have a good balance of price/quality. 

The one thing I do not like (though that happens with so many brands) is that the shades do not match very well with the packaging, so it's always good to try them on first in order to see the real color.

nyx soft matte lip cream

From left to right: Rome, Abu Dhabi, Athens

nyx soft matte lip cream abu dhabi

Here I am wearing the shade Abu Dhabi which recently became my favorite nude in my collection. I see it as a light brown with slight pink undertones.

nyx soft matte lip creams

nyx soft matte lip cream abu dhabi

nyx soft matte lip cream rome

Rome is my second favorite shade from these three. It is a deeper nude, closer to the berries but still muted. I like to apply just a slight layer on my bottom lip and smudge it to create this tinted but not overly produced looking lips.

nyx soft matte lip cream rome try on

nyx lip creams nudes

nyx soft matte lip creams swatches

Left to right: Athens, Abu Dhabi. Rome

soft matte lip cream athens

Athens was the first shade in my collection. It is a more opened tone with a mixture of pink and yellows. With my complexion, I see it more like a coral peachy tone, if that makes any sense to you.

nyx soft matte lip cream athens

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Vou fazer um baixo assinado para escreveres a português !
    Adorei as cores dos batons olha que faço anos daqui a 3 meses

    beijocas linda

    1. Rapariga, todo o conteúdo é escrito em Português também :) Podes clicar no botão "website português" no topo da página (depois de aceitares as cookies) ou ir directamente a pt.witkonijn.net ;)

  2. Hard to say which one can be my favourite, I think they all are very beautiful and very becoming to you. It seems like a worthtrying brand, but I have never tried it :)

    1. Can't say much about their other products but these are definitely on my top favorites and they are quite affordable for the quality! :)