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The Ritual of Hammam

My love affair with Rituals is no secret at this point.

To celebrate the renewed collection The Ritual of Hammam, on my last purchase Rituals offered me this beautiful trio composed with a sea salt hot scrub, a scrubbing glove, and a black soap. Don't you just love it when you receive unexpected gifts from your favorite brands? I couldn't wait to try these and have myself a relaxing spa treatment at home!

The Ritual of Hammam

I'm sure that we've had the fragrance sticks from this collection before and, if I'm not mistaken, the bath bubbles too. Both chosen by David.

Personally, I find the fragrance to be more on the masculine side because it is fresh and earthy at the same time. I love it nonetheless. There's something about men's fragrances that just brings me comfort.

Hammam body scrub

The hot scrub is made with sea salt for a purifying effect, warming ginger that will evolve you in an invisible blanket of coziness and eucalyptus for the refreshing touch.

You can use this scrub together with the black soap as a finishing touch, or on its own. I personally find this to be a great product for those downer days. You know when you're feeling down, on your first day of the period (for the ladies) or with a cold? This is great to boost up your mood on those days and bring you back to life with a smile on your face!

Hammam skincare

I am familiarized with these kind of scrubbing gloves from back when I used to work at The Body Shop, but it was the first time I have ever seen them at Rituals.

I find them especially good to use with your regular shower gel, once or twice a week to give that nice weekly exfoliation. These are great to exfoliate your legs prior to shaving as it activates the circulation, gets rid of the dead skin cells for a smoother shave and also helps to prevent ingrowth hairs. Very practical to keep in the shower too!

Rituals Body Scrub

The Ritual of Hammam

The black soap is composed of organic eucalyptus and olive oil for a refreshing and nourishing touch.

It is great to use as a massage treatment prior to an exfoliation. After a hot shower spread the black soap all over your body and massage it for a few seconds in circular motions to activate the blood flow. Leave it for five to ten minutes for it to do its magic of dissolving the dead skin cells and leave your skin deeply cleanse and soft. Before rinsing it off, you can use the scrubbing glove or the sea salt hot scrub. After this treatment, your skin will feel soft and your soul purified.

Don't forget to moisturize well your skin after an exfoliation with an oil or a rich body cream.

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