June 7, 2017


From time to time I like to transform myself into a couch potato and zone out in front of the tv watching some good quality tv series. Am I alone here? Don't think so. 

Today I bring you some of my all-time favorite tv series. A top ten to be more precise. I will not give away too much information about the stories behind the tv series, but instead, I'll talk a bit about why they take part on this list.

Six Feet Under

Even though the rest of the list is not in any particular order, I have to start with my favorite tv series of all times. It is, in my opinion, the best ever made and I can watch it time and time again.

It is not a light program though. This is a drama that touches the sensitive subject of death and loneliness in each episode, among a lot of other tabu subjects such as illness, miscarriage, homosexuality, depression, prostitution, betrayal, drugs, (well life - let's put it that way) always balanced with a dark and sarcastic humor, that I love.

Everyone can relate with at least one of the characters and, probably because of that, it becomes so involving the more you watch it. It has a fantastic plot, featuring one of my favorite actresses - Frances Conroy in the most heartbreaking role.

It is the kind of tv-series that definitely makes me cry as much as laugh and it's a reminder of how ephemeral life is and how much we should appreciate everything that surrounds us, while we can.

Mad Men

From the plot to the story, this is such a satisfactory tv series that I've rewatched at least three times.

I love how well it represents the decade, the clothing, the actors, the scenery, the marketing approach, everything is amazing. It gives a good insight into historical facts and publicity at the time. I'm so into it!

And let's face it, every woman wants to be like Joan Holloway, the sexy, strong and independent redhead.

Better Call Saul

If you've watched Breaking Bad, you probably remember the face of Saul Goodman. Well, this is basically his past story as Jimmy McGill, a lawyer trying to do good in the wrong way, all of it leading up to the lawyer he becomes on Breaking Bad.

Because this is a story that happens before, and maybe during (it's still ongoing) Breaking Bad, there's also a lot of characters that you'll recognize.

The one thing that I most love about this, besides the plot, the story and photography, is that it gets deeper into the history of both of my favorite characters from Breaking Bad (Mike and Jimmy).

My name is Earl

This is just the kind of comedy that I like. It is entertaining but interesting enough to let me build empathy for each character.

The story itself is also super funny and interesting. It had everything to be a great show but instead, I believe it got canceled and just ended out of nothing, which was pretty sad to see. Still one of my favorite comedy shows.

American Horror Story

One thing you probably don't know about me is that I am a huge fan of horror movies. Not bloody and gore, just plain horror. Well, mainly psychological horror.

Each season has a different story and not all of them are my cup of tea, but I still watched them all anyways. Mainly because I like that most actors appear throughout the seasons, but also because I love the touch of weirdness and creepiness that these series have. Especially the intros.

Masters of Sex

This is a subject that I have always had so much interest in, since a very young age. It is something that was seen as a tabu subject for far too long. Well, it is still seen that way nowadays by a lot of people, but anyways.

Such as Mad Men, the plot, the characterisation and the story here are fascinating. It portrays the story of two pioneers in the study of human sexuality in the 50's with all the drama that you can imagine.

If you liked Mad Men, you're going to like this one as well. 

Trailer Park Boys

Where do I begin. This is definitely not the type of tv-series that most people like, but I find it so much fun. 

It portrays the life of a group of people living in a trailer park in Canada. Not the usual people though. From ex-convicts trying to make a living in the most criminal ways always running away from the police, to an alcoholic supervisor passing by his lover with a huge belly that can never wear a shirt, I don't know which one is more hilarious. I guess you'll have to give it a chance.

Stranger Things

This was a tv-series that I (like most of us) watched a whole season in just two days. It is that good!

It is a science fiction horror series with a lot of drama and supernatural elements. 

If you never watched it, do it. You won't regret it!

Planet Earth

David Attenborough, do I need to say more?

I watched documentaries ever since I was a little kid, but none ever caught my attention as much as the ones narrated by David Attenborough. He has the capability that no one else has to create a story with all nature landscapes and surroundings. Definitely worth watching!


Where would I be without mentioning this. I bet most people have watched this before.

I grew up with this tv series and I've watched it so many times that I know everything by heart. But even then, if it is up on tv I will stop what I'm doing just to re-watch it. I think it is mainly the nostalgia that it brings along.

And this is it, guys! Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite tv-series of all times and if you'd like to see a list of my favorite animation tv series as well. 

Ps: All of these images were found through web research.


  1. Acho que a unica que vi foi a Friends hahaha
    Mas ando deserta de ver o Stranger Things


  2. adoro este tipo de posts, por acaso reentemente tb fiz o meu top 10 aqui ahaha

    gosto bastante do six feet under, my name is earl e friends, embora nao estejam no meu top<3

    1. Gostei do teu post também e já tenho bastantes novas series em lista de espera porque não conhecia grande parte das que mencionaste! ;)